Whole Life Advice

Objective advice can only come from someone who is experienced and knowledgeable. One without the other just won’t work: without experience, knowledge is unfulfilling, and without knowledge, experience is temporary and incomplete. Experience comes with practice. If we have the “know-how” but don’t put what we know into practice, we will be lacking in experience. […]

Beyond Ego

Metaphysically speaking, ego is formed by the union of Purush (Spirit) and Prakriti (Matter). Physically speaking, ego is formed at birth. Ego is a natural phenomenon. Everyone has ego. It is natural for consciousness to become identified with the body (and its relations) at birth. As the living self (embodied soul) passes from infancy, to […]


The Supreme “I” principle; Mahatattva; Universal Mind—these are one and the same, expressed differently. The Supreme “I” principle is next to the ‘Supreme-I’. The “Supreme-I” in this context is Purush, the Spirit Self. The Universal Mind is the Mind of the Spirit Self. Mahatattva is the first expression of the union of Purush and Prakriti. […]