True Success

The true success is to go beyond success and failure both. The true success is to go beyond duality. Beyond duality is Reality. Established in Reality is the True Self, which is Changeless.

When we (the living Self, embodied in Mind and Matter) are clearly connected to our True Self, then we are REAL and we are really successful and really happy. Otherwise, if we are disconnected we are unreal and unhappy and feel like we are a loser; or we may be temporarily happy and feel like we are sitting on top of the world. These are feelings of duality, and as long as we remain caught up in our false feelings we will remain caught up in the world.

As the saying goes, “we should be in the world but not of it.” It means we should do our duty but not get caught up in it. We should do good work for goodness sake and not for the sake of ego-glorification or gratification. Ego-gratification nullifies gratitude and spoils our attitude, whereas humility improves our attitude and intensifies our gratitude.

It is impossible to be simultaneously grateful and hateful. The flipside of ego-gratification is frustration, annoyance, anger and hate. The other side of humility is contentment, forbearance, self-control and compassion. With the counterfeit coin of egoism, whether inflated or deflated, we can only buy misery. With true humility we go on increasing our wealth of Wisdom, and ultimately we realize our True Self.

The realization of our True Self is the most important thing to accomplish in this world.

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