Continue to move forward. . . you are a beautiful soul!

Eventually one realizes life is an inner journey. Consciousness itself is the final frontier and there is no limit to it. The mind and body are instruments of consciousness (Atman, soul). Their purpose is for exploration, Self-discovery, and self-evolvement. The final refinement of the mind culminates in complete selflessness. Your Real Self is egoless, all-knowing, […]

Devotion to God and Commitment to the Wise Teacher

Great souls (Mahatmas) come into our lives to awaken us to our own inner potential. They do not come to us seeking adoration or adulation. Naturally, when we come in their contact, we are filled with joy and gratitude for the blessings (good vibrations) they bestow upon us, and this joy and gratitude are expressed […]


Purush/Prakriti (Shiva/Shakti) are two aspects of one entity: the Jivatman (the embodied Soul—Atman manifested as Purush and infused into Prakriti). From the perspective of this world of mind/matter (in other words, from the perspective of the embodied consciousness; Jivatman), this is all that there is (in other words, when we are bound by our ego […]