Get Yourself Out of the Way

There have been a few liberated souls who have lived on this planet—there have been quite a few, and there are a few today. They have not saved millions of people, or even thousands or hundreds. Some have saved a small handful, and some have saved just themselves. In fact, neither have they “saved” nor been “saved.” They have played the drama, watched the drama, and left the stage of life to go on to other worlds; they have left other worlds to go beyond, and then they go beyond the beyond.

Do you want to save yourself from unnecessary pain and suffering? Then you need to do your own “homework.” No one can erase your mistakes for you, no one can make you free, no one can give you salvation, and no one can take you to heaven on their shoulders. That is all a hallucination born out of ignorance of your Real Nature.

You decided on your own to play this Game, to live this Life. You knew what you were getting into before you started. Even though you have long since forgotten why you came and where you are going—even this forgetfulness is part of the drama. You will remember when the mind is clarified. You will get to where you are going when you get your self out of the way.

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