Go Beyond Your Small Self

An uncentered person is one who is self-involved. Self-involved people are out of touch with themselves. They remain disconnected from the core of their being, and this disconnection causes them discontent and despair. To reconnect it is necessary to restrain the mind from its outgoing nature and direct it inward. It is a matter of introspection, not “introversion” (the process or state of being an introvert).

Your true Self is neither an introvert nor an extrovert. Your true Self is beyond duality. Your true Self is not different from the true Self of others—the true Self is the same in everyone—but every Self is one-without-a-second; every Self is eternal and unique. This fact is an expression of the ever-newness, ever-freshness of Consciousness.

The Supreme Consciousness is the Supreme Self present in every Self. The Supreme Self is the Self of your Self. You are Atman, and the Supreme Self (Paramatman) is your Self. That is, GOD (the Supreme Being, the Absolute, Parabrahma) is the Essence that eternally pervades the eternal Soul (Atman: you). You are not GOD, but GOD is your Self. To understand this, it is necessary to leave your ego, your false identification with your small self.

Your small self is the self you “think” you are. It is the imagined self. It is the self you have assumed yourself to be for the sake of acting out the drama of life. Because you are such a good actor, you don’t even know you are acting. You have convinced yourself that you are a mere mortal when in reality you are an immortal.

To experience our Essence, it is necessary to stop playing “mind games.” The drama of the world is really just a side show. The real drama is the divine drama beyond the realm of ordinary mind and ego. To experience the extraordinary Drama of Creation, one must live an extraordinary life. To “live an extraordinary life” simply means to go beyond your small self.

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