Comfort Zone

As long as we are caught in our ‘comfort zone’ we are incapable of experiencing the ‘zone’. This ‘zone’ is variously described from the perspective of athletics, business, music, art, etc. But what is this ‘zone’ really? It is the State of Being beyond ourselves. Beyond our ordinary state of consciousness is the extraordinary State […]

Gayatri Mantra

Gayatri Mantra OM BHUR BHUVAH SVAH TAT SAVITUR VARENYAM BHARGO DEVASYA DHIMAHI DHIYO NAH PRACHODAYAT OM–The Absolute, the Ever-REAL, never unreal, the All-pervading, imageless Truth BHUH — The Creator of all things living and non-living; the basis of all Life, all Creation; the Lower Region BHUVAH — The Sustainer of Creation, the Life-Force that pervades […]

Knowing is Doing

Knowing what to do and doing it go hand in hand. If there is a disconnect between ‘knowing’ and ‘doing’, we are living in unreality. Unreality is self-deception. When we deceive ourselves we become deluded. Self-delusion is born of Ignorance–it arises when we ignore what we know and don’t do what we know we should […]