Comfort Zone

As long as we are caught in our ‘comfort zone’ we are incapable of experiencing the ‘zone’. This ‘zone’ is variously described from the perspective of athletics, business, music, art, etc. But what is this ‘zone’ really? It is the State of Being beyond ourselves.

Beyond our ordinary state of consciousness is the extraordinary State of Being. This is the state of consciousness devoid of ego superimposition. Our real nature is suppressed in the mind due to the presence of ego: due to the false identification of consciousness with the insentient (unconscious) elements, including the body, senses, mind, memory intellect, and the ego itself. These last four (mind, memory, intellect, and ego) are called the Antahkarana Cautusthya, or ‘fourfold inner organ’.

Our mind, memory, intellect and ego are supposed to be used to express the inherent beauty and freedom of the Self, and when this happens one is in ‘the Zone’. This is the Zone of zones. All other zones are indicative of this Zone. That is, all our high experiences of having ‘gone beyond ourselves’ point to the State of Being which is always beyond our self (our small self, ego). In other words, the pristine state of Pure Consciousness already exists. It always exists and is unchangeable, indestructible, unalterable. It cannot be adulterated or modified by the mind. However, its reflection in the mind is changed according to what we ‘have in mind’. For example, we all have the potential to go beyond ourselves and achieve the ‘zone’. But if our mind is filled with self-defeating thoughts, or we are attached to our ‘comfort zone’, we will NOT be able to experience the ‘zone’. We always have the potential, but that potential is directly proportional to our determination.

We have to make up our mind to go beyond our self-imposed limitations. Our limitations include our bias, our mental images, our grudges, our laziness, and all the other ‘babies’ of mind and ego. Yes, these are our ‘babies’, they are produced by the union of mind and ego, and we are very attached to them. We identify with these (and other) creations of mind and ego and after a while we feel ‘at home’ with them; that is, we feel comfortable in our little space until something comes along to disturb it (which will always happen). This comfort zone is our own self-curse.

To reach our highest potential (in any field of life) we must break out of our comfort zone. In the field of life itself, we have to bring into play all our inherent talents and strengths, our innate knowledge, and most especially, our sincerity and humility to completely go beyond our ego and attain the highest state of Consciousness. OM

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