Remove the Mask of Ego

Om Hiranmayena Patrena . . . (from Isha Upanishad)

Remove the Mask of Ego

elucidation of Ved Mantra from Isha Upanishad

Om Hiranmayena Paatrena

Satyasyaapihitam Mukham |

Tat Tvam Puushann Apaavrinu

Satyadharmaaya Dristaye ||


Hiran mayena, by the golden

Patrena, disc

Apihitam, is covered

Mukham, the face

Satyasya, of Ultimate Truth

Tat, that (covering)

Tvam, thou

Pushan, O Light

Aparinu, remove

Dristaye, for the vision

Satya dharmaya, of the true nature of the universe


We do not have the experience of our real nature because our mind is distracted by the excitement, pleasures, and attachments of life. When we are living in our “head” and not the “heart’, we are in our ego. Our ego is a mask, and when we look into the mirror of our mind we only see the mask—we do not see our real self.

The face of Truth is everywhere (Vishvatomukha), and it is not possible to hide from the Truth even though we turn our backs on It. But if we hide behind the mask of ego and the false excitement which it creates, we will delude ourselves into believing we are having “fun” even though we are suffering from insecurity and uncertainty. There is absolutely no stability in the happiness of ego.

The happiness of ego is a lie; it is a false high. Ego-accomplishment, ego-recognition, and ego-love are fictions we create in the mind. The glitter of ego satisfaction makes us complacent. To obliterate our small self ego we must invoke the Light of a Thousand Suns. We must invoke the Shining Light of our own True Self to remove the false ego covering from the mind. When this happens, we have the vision of the true nature of Ultimate Reality.

We need to practice meditation and unselfish action, unselfish speech, and unselfish thoughts. These will purify the mind and intellect and dissolve the covering of ego. OM

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