Infatuation is Self-love

Infatuation is a mental phenomenon that arises when we are in love with our self (ego-self). It is a form of self-involvement. It is a shallow feeling of the mind that manifests in shallow behavior, shallow discussion, and shallow thoughts.

Infatuation is born out of self-delusion and leads to self-degradation. When we are infatuated we do not see clearly. We lose our objectivity and become a puppet of our feelings and emotions. Our ego is pulling the strings, but we think we are in control.

One who is infatuated is in an unfocused state of mind. That person is mentally imbalanced. The element of desire is predominant in the mind. It is not a selfless desire; it is a selfish desire. When we feed into that desire it increases like fire fed with fuel. When we fuel our desires they can grow out of control and overwhelm us.

Many people have been burned to death by their own desires. Many people have lost control of their mind because they become infatuated with themselves–in other words, thinking to themselves that they were in control, they never realized that really their ego was in control. If we do not keep our ego in check, it will rule our mind and wreak havoc in our lives.

Step back from your self and objectify the human experience and realize that you are potentially divine. “Your potential is in direct proportion to your determination.” Dr. Khanna


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