If you really want to be happy . . . .

If you really want to be happy, be in the company of the Wise. The wise people constantly revolve the mind around the wisdom of Consciousness. If our lives orbit around the wise and noble people, we too become wise and noble.

‘Orbiting around the Wise’ means staying tuned to higher vibrations. The Wise live in those higher vibrations because their mind is filled with wisdom. Wisdom keeps our vibrations high. When we have the knowledge of Soul (Atman, Consciousness) we do not succumb to negativity, boredom, excitement, and other shallow conditions of the mind. The wisdom of Consciousness gives us the power to go beyond our own personality.

Unless we go beyond our personality we can never stabilize our life in the depth of our being. The depth of our being, the core of our consciousness, is the state of Pure Awareness. In that Pure Awareness there is absolutely no pain, anxiety, want, or woe.

Our awareness is not pure if it is hooked to our self-will. We get hooked to our self-will (ego drive) only because we take the bait. In other words, we are driven by our ego only when we follow it. For example, if someone is in their ego and is blaming us for their own shortcomings, we don’t have to react to them negatively. Instead, we can become the witness of their mental drama without becoming judgmental. We just see the whole thing as a drama of the mind and ego and remain established in the state of pure awareness. This is easy to do when we see everyone as the essence of Being, as the embodiment of Supreme Consciousness.

The Wise constantly live in the essence of Being and don’t give importance to that which is non-essential (the non-essence and the nonsense). They do not seek to validate their small self (ego) because they know the ego is only a phenomena of this material Creation and is not the Unchangeable, Ever-Real, True Self.

Becoming wise, raising our consciousness, and being enlightened is an ongoing process that should never stop. The moment we think we are perfect we lose our connection to the Real and become unreal. Being unreal means being in our ego. The best way to stay out of our ego is to stay in the company of the Wise, because those who are truly wise will not feed into our unreality. To be in the company of the Wise we have to be humble, which simply means we have to drop our ego.

It is not always possible to be physically in close proximity with the Wise, but if we study their teachings and practice their precepts we will gain ‘presence of mind’, which means our mind will be clear and focused. When our mind is clear and focused on that which is Real, we will be automatically connected to the essence of Being. Established in the essence of Being, wherein reside all the noble and wise people, together we will celebrate every moment of this life in the ecstasy of Divine Consciousness. OM

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