Gayatri Mantra


OM–The Absolute, the Ever-REAL, never unreal, the All-pervading, imageless Truth

BHUH — The Creator of all things living and non-living; the basis of all Life, all Creation; the Lower Region

BHUVAH — The Sustainer of Creation, the Life-Force that pervades the body and invigorates the mind and intellect; the Middle Region

SVAHA — The Giver of Self, the formulator of Consciousness, the Spirit Self, the Higher Region of Pure Consciousness

TAT — That

SAVITA — Creator of all this (Bhur Bhuvah Svaha)

VARENYAM — is the best choice we can make for our lives; there is no choice more worthy than this choice (which is to choose the Highest State of Consciousness)

BHARGO DEVASYA — The absolutely pure qualities of That absolutely imageless Self

DHIMAHI — we meditate upon

DHIYOYO NAH PRACHODAYAT — We invoke that Supreme Power to guide our intellect so that we always make the right choices in our life.

May we always be guided by Divine Wisdom so that we can clearly discern between the Real and the unreal, the True and the False, the helpful and harmful. We affirm our connection to our Original State of Being, and we reaffirm our True Nature again and again by making up our mind to live in the Highest State of Consciousness while living in this human body. OM

This Gayatri Mantra (pronounced: guy-a-tree) is the universal prayer and positive affirmation, which contains the secret (hidden) power to transform ordinary consciousness into the highest state of consciousness. To unlock this power it is necessary to insert the key of deliberation into the mind. In fact, one of the connotations of the word MANTRA is ‘deliberation’. In other words, we must deliberate on the meaning and deliberately practice the lessons derived from this deliberation.

Repeat the Gayatri Mantra over, again and again, concentrating on the meanings and losing your self (ego) in the vibrations. This Mantra will bring you close to your Real Self.

Meditation on the Gayatri Mantra

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  1. It is very difficult to express in words the message you are trying to convey. The experience of divine bliss is almost beyond words. It has changed your life. How you live and respond to others will inform them more than any words can. But I understand your desire to communicate – and I wish you well.

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