Devotion to God and Commitment to the Wise Teacher

Great souls (Mahatmas) come into our lives to awaken us to our own inner potential. They do not come to us seeking adoration or adulation. Naturally, when we come in their contact, we are filled with joy and gratitude for the blessings (good vibrations) they bestow upon us, and this joy and gratitude are expressed through our devotion. The devotional life is a dance of pure happiness.

When we are little babies in devotion, we are happy. When we are young children in devotion, we are happy. When we are grown men and women in devotion, we are happy. This happiness expresses in many ways. As little babies and children we spend much of our time playing and singing. As we mature, we spend more time working and attending to our duties.

The true showing of our devotion is revealed in the way we speak and behave with our loved ones: with our family members, and how we handle ourselves at work and at play.

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