Purush/Prakriti (Shiva/Shakti) are two aspects of one entity: the Jivatman (the embodied Soul—Atman manifested as Purush and infused into Prakriti). From the perspective of this world of mind/matter (in other words, from the perspective of the embodied consciousness; Jivatman), this is all that there is (in other words, when we are bound by our ego we can only perceive ourselves as persons). We cannot see beyond what we are (that is, “what we think we are”) until we stop “thinking.” This happens in Samadhi. It also happens in deep dreamless sleep, but no one remembers deep dreamless sleep because the mind is inactive, and the memory is a component of the mind.

Even when one comes out of Samadhi, the recollection of Samadhi is only a faint reflection of Samadhi—actually, the memory of Samadhi is just an impression of “nothingness,” which is the Unmanifest (Prakriti) in its most subtle expression.

Anyway, this expression—this explanation—is not of much importance. The essential import (meaning) of our Life does not lie in analysis. Art is not produced by connecting dots. Music is not played by reading notes. Poetry is not created by stringing words into sentences and sentences into paragraphs. No doubt the analysis is there, the dots are there, the notes, words, and sentences are there, but there is so much more which cannot be produced or understood by the mind. To go beyond the mind, the mind will need to be silenced. To silence the mind, wisdom must be acquired, and to acquire wisdom, ego must be dropped. To drop the ego, the touch of a True Teacher is essential. OM

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