Heaven and Hell

Hell is low and heaven is high. Hell is a bad attitude, and heaven is a good one. Negativity is low energy and positivity is high energy. Negativity is an expression of the non-self (the repression of the real self), whereas positivity is an expression of the true self. It is our higher nature to be positive and our lower nature to be negative.

Heaven and hell are created in the human mind. They are projected through our actions in the world and our interactions with one another. Hell (the negative) should always be low—we should NEVER turn the volume of negativity up. Low vibrations exist, but we have to live in high vibrations. To do that, WE HAVE TO VIBRATE! Good vibrations are created when we face difficulties with high spirits (high vibrations).

High vibrations dissolve ego. When we conquer our own ego, we are FREE. This simply means there is no more any inner conflict about “who we are.” We are really who we ARE when we realize our Essence. We realize our Essence when we actualize our Real Self. In other words, when we act according to our real nature (higher nature), our life is a portrayal of who we really are in essence. Our life is the portrait of who we are. The portrait is accurate, or not, according to how closely our actions are in agreement with our higher nature. Those who betray their real nature paint a distorted picture of themselves and become confused about who they really are.

Being in our ego creates bad vibrations (Hell). Resisting the tendency to express our ego creates good vibrations—or, stated differently: being unselfish creates good vibrations (Heaven). Everyone has the tendency to be selfish, and everyone also has the tendency to be unselfish and giving. Both tendencies exist simulataneously but only one can be expressed (acted upon) at a time. Repeated good actions create powerful good vibrations which can permanently overpower our negative states of mind. This is our goal—our soul-goal. The ultimate aim of the embodied soul (human being) is to realize (actualize, manifest) the True Self through the art of living.

Each of us is a “work-in-progress.” Our life is a masterpiece and we are the master of our own life. We master the art of living by conquering our own ego. This is what our life is really all about. Winning the game of life really means winning over our own mind and ego. When we do this, we create heaven in our mind and Heaven on Earth. The opposite is “hell,” and it too originates in the mind. Heaven and hell are manmade. They are made-up in the mind and projected through our actions. We change our life by changing our mind (and by changing our actions which follow our thoughts). We make our life Heaven or Hell—it’s all up to us.

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