Isolation (Kaivalya)

“The remedy, or cure, for loneliness is solitude.”

Dr. T. R. Khanna

We need to isolate ourselves from our negative feelings and emotions. Any negative mental state is an unnatural state because it is contrary to our Real Nature.

Our Real Nature (our True Nature) is the nature of our Real Self (True Self). Our True Self is ATMAN, Pure Consciousness.

The non-self is the self that is fabricated in the mind. The non-self is non-eternal, which is why the non-self is unreal. Our definition of that which is Real is that which is eternal.

When we realize our own eternalness then our mind reflects that which is real, which is our own Self. “Realizing our own eternalness” and “reflecting that which is real” mean the same thing. This is a state of mind—the purified mind.

The purified mind is the mind from which impurities have been removed. The impurities consist of mental superimpositions in the form of ego-images and other mental paraphernalia in the form of false impressions, unhealthy tendencies, and bad attitudes.

False impressions (and their associated memories), unhealthy tendencies (and their associated desires), and bad attitudes (and their associated negative self-talk), lead to wrong choices (bad decisions) and self-destructive (violent) actions.

A violent action consists of any behavior or deed which violates our real nature; in other words, a violent action goes against our conscience—it betrays our Higher Intelligence. When we betray our Higher Intelligence we reinforce the bond with our lower nature.

Our lower nature is the self associated only with the body. Our higher nature is the self associated with Pure Consciousness. The self that stands between the two is the living self (Jivatman), comprised of pure Consciousness (Atman) embodied in ego, intellect, mind, senses, and the gross physical body, and identified with all of these, and relating through these with the gross material world (and with the gross mental world, and with the subtle mental world).

Bound to our lower nature (our unreal nature, our non-self), we feel constricted and desire to break free. To break free we have to break our images which keep us in confinement. Our self-image (false ego) is the result of the identification of the Conscious self with the unconscious world of mind and matter. This identification arises out of association.

Embodied as human beings, we have the requisite intelligence to choose the “company we keep, the food we eat, the thoughts we hold, and the actions we do.” We can deliberately break our association with that which is unreal and associate with that which is Real. To do so, we require the power of discernment to distinguish between that which is real and that which is not; that which is good and that which is not; that which is conducive to our well-being and that which is detrimental to it. Our power of discernment is developed through the study and practice of the wisdom of Consciousness.

This wisdom gives us the insight to see into the nature of reality (and also into the nature of unreality). We realize that ALL negative feelings are born in the mind and that the only REAL feeling is the absolute feeling of Pure Consciousness (Atam-bhavana). This realization (reflection in the mind) purifies the mind.

When the living self completely isolates itself from all the negative mental “stuff,” it simultaneously realizes the fullness of Consciousness and is completely freed from all false feelings of loneliness. The solitary Truth (perception of Reality) solidifies one’s practices expressed through daily living, and one remains established in one’s own True Self.

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