All of us are decision-makers. We should make the decision to stay out of our ego. Either we can be happy or we can be in our ego. The choice is ours.

Some people think life is more complicated than it is, and so they make it so. But really, life is very simple. If we “get real” with ourselves, we will see things very clearly and will stop making things up. We hallucinate when our mind is drugged with ego-feelings.

The only real feeling is the feeling of absolute love and peace which comes from the core of our being. Love and peace are inseparable. Love that becomes violent was never love to begin with, and peace which is selfish is just a lie. We need to stop lying to ourselves and stop justifying our violent ways.

We are violating are real nature when we are following the whims of our mind and the moods of our ego. Our up and down feelings are the symptoms of a split-personality, which itself is the result of divided loyalties. Our commitment must be to our soul only, and NOT to our ego.

Our soul is the core of our being, the essence of consciousness. Our soul is our essence: it is essentially what we are. Everything else is an adjunct. When we put our mind and body to creative use, they are great assets in the expression of consciousness (the art of Life). If we don’t spend our time wisely, our life becomes burdened with mental and material junk. Then we can’t think clearly and one bad decision leads to another until we get fed up with the nonsense we have created.

We are the sum total of the choices we make. We are the problem; we are the solution.

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