Who Do You Want to Be?

Some people want to be bad guys and some want to be good guys, but everyone wants to be right and no one wants to be wrong. Even the bad guys think they are right, in their own wrong way, and oftentimes the good guys are wrong in their own self-righteous way.

The problem here is that people are caught up in duality, which is always right and wrong, but never always right. When we are right on the mark we have it right, and when we miss the mark we have it wrong. When we make the mark, we become the mark, and when we become the mark we miss the point, because the point we make is just our opinion and is not real. The point IS, it is not what we make it up to be; and we ARE, we are not what we make ourselves up to be. The mind that is marked-up with ego is sometimes right and sometimes wrong but is never connected to what is real, because what is real is eternal and what is eternal is unmarred by what is non-eternal.

The Truth is real; it is not arbitrary, it is not made up in the mind. The Goal is Eternity and Eternity is not “sometime” or “another” time. Eternity is timeless. Timelessness is egolessness. From the point of view of egolessness, there is no score to keep, no mark to make, and no role to play. As Eternity is not a point in time, egolessness is not an idea in the mind nor is it a state of mindlessness. It is a state of mindfulness; it is a state of mind filled with Truth; it is the state of truthfulness of mind, wherein the mind is so clear that it clearly reflects the light of Truth.

The light of Truth is the Wisdom of the Soul (AatamGyaan). The highest Wisdom is realized in egolessness. Egolessness is a dynamic state of being; it is not an intellectual state of mind. Egolessness is an active state of mind; it is the state of the mind infused with the pure energy of consciousness which removes the mind’s confusion and self-delusion and reveals the State of Being.

The hyperactive state of mind is a state of mental imbalance. The lethargic state of mind is also a state of mental imbalance. But the mind that is infused with the energy of consciousness is balanced, and remains balanced so long as it remains fully charged. The mind remains charged when it is focused (one-pointed) on Reality. When that focus is lost we become scatter-brained, our energy is dissipated, and confusion sets in. To remove confusion the mind must be fed with soul-food (the Wisdom of Consciousness), which gives it strength and makes the mind impervious to the negativity of ego.

The negative force of ego is overcome with the positive force of consciousness. In other words, self-consciousness is overcome with the consciousness of the Self. When the mind is conscious of the Self (the Real Self), the non-self (ego) has no hold over the mind.

The non-self is a thought in the mind. When the thought of the non-self is replaced with the thought of the Self, the mind becomes crystal clear, and this is the state of egolessness of the mind. Now ego only exists as Self-awareness.

Self-awareness leads to the awareness of the Supreme Self; this pure awareness (pure consciousness, ATMAN) is direct experience, and this direct experience is Liberation (Moksha), which is complete freedom from Ignorance.

Complete freedom from Ignorance is realized only by those who desire it. What do you want to be? Do you want to be free or do you want to remain ignorant? Some people think “ignorance is bliss,” but these people are mistaken. Bliss is attained only when we stop ignoring our Real Nature and stop pretending to be happy with temporary reality (unreality).

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