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Our original state of being is very clear. It is pure awareness, untainted by false perception. Our perception is false due to our mistaken identity (ego). This mistaken identity is really just an ever-changing role play which starts at the beginning of the drama of life. At that time, our consciousness is mistakenly identified with the mind and body (and their “inputs” and “outputs” in the form of impressions and expressions). This formation of ego is a natural phenomenon, just as the mind and body are natural phenomena.

At the core of our being is the supernatural consciousness beyond the body, mind, and ego. That consciousness is unaltered throughout our existence, but its expression (or manifestation through the mind and body) is constantly changing according to the condition of the mind and body. For example, if our consciousness is embodied in the form of a fly, mosquito, bee, bird, or buffalo, we will not be able to fully express the depth of our consciousness; in other words, we will not be able to realize our full potential.

When we are born as a human being we have the power to realize our True Self, which is absolutely pure consciousness. Only our True Self is capable of realizing True Love. The “realization of True Love” means the experience of the union of the Self with the Supreme Self. This is the only experience that is fully satisfying and unending (in other words, one never tires of it).

To reach the core of our being we have to get out of our ego. To do this, we first need to remove ego from the mind. The false identity is supported in the mind with our images, which are ideas rooted in ignorance of Truth, Reality. So, to break our images we need to fill the mind with wisdom (with knowledge of Truth as it is, and not as we imagine it to be). We learn the Truth from a knower of Truth; we cannot learn it from someone who does not know the Truth, which is why we cannot learn the Truth from our small self (ego). When we learn the Truth from a knower of Truth we simultaneously remove our ignorance, break our images, and overcome our own ego.

“Overcoming our own ego” means we remove the ego-infection from our mind (or at least we weaken it considerably, so that the mind is no longer ruled by false ego). Though the infection is gone, we still have “ego” because we still have self-consciousness. When the self-consciousness is removed, we are conscious of the Self (we are conscious of our Real Nature). This too is ego, but very subtle. However, even this subtle ego stands in the way of clear perception.

When ego is removed from the mind, we become established in Cosmic Ego and realize the Universal Mind. We perceive the individualized mind is nothing but the Universal Mind circumscribed by Ego. We also perceive this Cosmic Ego stands in our way, and so we let go of it. The living Self neither asserts itself nor allows it’s ego to stand in the way. Instead, the living Self (having purified the mind and realized the Universal Mind) surrenders to the Cosmic Forces (the Gunas of Prakriti, the Qualities of Nature), and dances the Cosmic Dance with no thought of Self. In other words, the living Self remains in the egoless state and ultimately becomes the Liberated Self (Jivamukta).

The Self that is completely free of ego realizes (experiences) the Highest Divine Love, the Union of the Self and the Supreme Self (the Soul and the Oversoul). This Ananda (Bliss, or Absolute Happiness) cannot be described.

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