Understanding Reality

Understanding Reality is not that difficult. It is not an intellectual exercise. In fact, it is not even necessary to verbalize it. It is, however, absolutely necessary to manifest it.

Understanding is manifested when we get our ego out of the way. In other words, if we drop our false perception we will understand immediately. False perception arises out of false identity, and true perception is concomitant with truthfulness.

To be truthful means to be honest, and being honest means to think, speak, and act honorably. Being honorable means to shape our mind to honor our True Self. The mind pays respect to our True Self when it pays attention to what is real. If we give our attention to what is unreal, we begin to imagine what is unreal is real. If we give recognition to our ego we begin to think our ego is real. Our ego is NOT real. It is a mistaken identity.

When we perceive things through our ego, our perception is false, and this false perception leads to misunderstanding. The only way to remove misunderstanding is to drop our ego. Intellectually understanding is just another form of misunderstanding.

We have to leave our ego. Leaving our ego does NOT mean leaving our responsibilities. On the contrary, it means to take responsibility for our thoughts and actions and make up our mind to do what is good and conducive to the welfare of all, and then DO IT.

The sense of well-being comes naturally when we act without ego. When we act without ego we do not look for attention or recognition for our actions. We do not feel sorrowful when we are ignored, or elated when we are adored.

Our well-being is in our own hands. It all depends on how we make up our mind, what we tell ourselves, and what we do with our life, from moment to moment, day to day, and year to year, from our first breath until our last.

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