Make Wisdom Your Guide

Every human being must discover the divine within their own heart. We must make our heart the alter, and our purified mind the mullah, priest, or rabbi. Mind is purified with wisdom. Only the purest wisdom can purify completely. Otherwise, if it is diluted (mixed with bias, favoritism, or other forms of ego) it cannot purify completely.

Today, as in the past, as in the future, there is no need of any formalized religion. But there is a need for self-discipline, self-control, self-introspection, and self-improvement.

When ego is removed from the mind, we perceive the whole world (indeed, the whole universe) as our very own self. We may use the word ‘me’ but we really mean WE. We may use the word ‘I’, but we really mean US. Our real self is the Self of all. To that Supreme Self we owe everything.

The Supreme Self is all-pervading and is equally present in a blade of grass, a powerful general, a wealthy businessman, a poor laborer, a white man, a black man, a king and a pauper. But who sees the Real Self? Who knows the Real Self? So long as a human being is caught up in their ego and unreality, they cannot know the True Self.

We realize the Truth when we remove our ego and ignorance. If religion can open our inner eye, then we should embrace it. Unfortunately, it seems that many people are blinded by their religion and never realize their own divinity. ‘Realizing our own divinity’ means to accept responsibility for our thoughts and actions and then change our ways. It means realizing that we are the author of our own destiny.

If ego is our guide, our fate will be ugly. If wisdom and common sense are our guide, we will make our mind positive and our future will be bright.

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