Make the Mind a Sage

“The best investment you can make is to make your mind a sage.”

We invest too much time trying to please our mind and ego. We don’t need to do that. What we need to do is make the mind a sage.

Our mind is whatever we make it by virtue of our thoughts and actions. If our thoughts are about ‘poor little me’ or ‘big important me’, and our actions are all about making our small self feel happy or our false ego feel important, our mind is going to be demented and become a demon or demoness.

Most people are suffering from self-induced dementia and cannot remember how to be really happy and free. By ‘self-induced’ we mean it is the result of the influence of the small self ego over the mind. Because we are in our ego we don’t practice the basics, which is why we are basically messed up.

“Either you can be happy or you can be in your ego.”

The mind cannot be happy so long as it is dominated by ego, by its false identification with people, places, and things.

“When the identity of the mind with the body and senses is removed, the mind becomes liberated, calm, and serene.” Sage Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Chapter 4, Sutra 26

The only way to break the false identification is to deliberately direct the mind to the study and application of Wisdom. The more good impressions the mind retains the easier it will be to restrain. For example, the mind has the tendency to run out the mouth. If we revolve the mind around inspiring thoughts like. . . .

“Inspire yourself. Do not condemn or pamper yourself.”

“Self-improvement is as necessary as breathing.”

“Taking creates stress, and giving out creates harmony.”

. . . we will be inspired to take charge of our life and make positive changes. It is only by putting inspiration into action that we create a positive momentum of good energy, which will cleanse the mind of past negative impressions, tendencies, and attitudes.

When the mind is purified with wisdom and good action our True Self is manifested. We call such a person ‘god-like’ because he or she is pure like a child but very, very wise. When we make the mind a sage, our mind is no longer a hindrance or threat. That mind becomes an instrument of God, a channel of Supreme Goodness.

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