High Performance

The human body is a high performance vehicle—then why do we put low grade fuel into it (in the form of unhealthy food and nasty or useless thoughts)?

Nasty thoughts are thoughts which are NOT reflective of who or what we really are. Any thought which is a negative affirmation (such as, “I am no good,” “I can’t do any better,” “My life is useless”) is a “nasty” thought. Negative thoughts keep us bound to our small self (our little ego) and make us miserable and miserly. When we repeat negative thoughts we make ourselves unhappy and unable to give out good energy to our loved ones.

Cheap talk, gossiping, dirty jokes, wrong company, shallow entertainment, and personality-oriented magazines and novels which have no redeeming or mind-expanding effect are a waste of time. Worse than that, these things clog up the engine of our mind.

We have to put good thoughts in our mind and keep it tuned to Consciousness. Then we will have a smooth journey in this life and reach our Destination: the highest state of Supreme Consciousness.

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