The Heart of the Matter

What is the heart? Mind is the heart. When we ask, “What is the matter with you?”, the matter is the mind. It is the mind that matters. Matter is born from mind.

Some will object to this statement and will ask, “How can matter be produced from non-matter?” They have missed the truth. The truth is mind IS matter, only it is more subtle than gross matter. Mind is the heart (the essence) of matter. More subtle than mind is intelligence. Every particle of matter has intelligence—that intelligence too is subtle matter.

Then what is non-matter? Pure Consciousness (pure awareness) is non-matter. Pure consciousness manifests intelligently (intellectually), thoughtfully (mentally), and sensibly (physcially, via the 5 senses) through gross matter. It is the influence of pure consciousness upon the gross chaotic matter than excites matter to behave (react) intelligently. This intelligent reaction is manifested as the underlying organization and intelligence that we perceive in the universe.

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