Excitement & Boredom

Excitement and boredom are two different sides of the same coin—the coin of duality. Duality is the quality of unreality. The happiness born of excitement is counterfeit; it is not real.

Why do we seek excitement? We seek excitement because we are dissatisfied, or we are not fully satisfied. We seek excitement because the mind is disconnected from the fullness of Consciousness.

What disconnects the mind from Consciousness? The lack of wisdom and the presence of ego cause mental disturbances in the form of dissatisfaction, restlessness, and boredom. The disturbed mind cannot reflect the Light of the Soul (Consciousness); hence, our perception is distorted and we are unable to perceive Reality.

Reality is this: we are FULL, we are FREE, we are PURE CONSCIOUSNESS, which is formless, imageless, and indestructible. Anything other than this, or anything other than the expression of this, is unreal. Unreality is a figment of the mind. The only thing real about unreality is that it is really unreal, just like a drama is really a drama and is not real.

The drama takes place in the mind. We are the script writers of our own mental dramas. If we don’t fill our mind with wisdom, the script is going to be incomplete and our life is going to be unfulfilling. “Filling the mind with Wisdom” does not mean filling it with dogma. Wisdom is always fresh and original because it comes from our Source, the infinite reservoir of Consciousness. Wisdom is the understanding of Reality and the knowledge of the underlying principles of the Universe, the backdrop upon which the Ultimate Reality is projected.

The Drama of Existence is an expression of Consciousness. The expression of Pure Consciousness is beautiful. The expression of the distorted perception of the mind is ugly and unreal. When we, the living Self, the embodied souls, fill our minds with wisdom and remove our false identification (ego) we are expressing the essence of being, our Real Nature, and this expression is beautiful.

We are here on this Earth planet to be the best that we can be, and the best that we can be is to BE OURSELVES. Our Self is Pure Consciousness and our work is to make our mind an instrument of Consciousness and not the tool of our ego.

When our mind is a tool of ego, we are fools and fools are never fully satisfied. Fools always want more of that which cannot bring fulfillment. Fools look for permanent happiness in impermanent things. Fools look for true love in other fools because they can never find it within themselves until they stop making fools of themselves.

We make fools of ourselves when we fool around in our mind and don’t make up our mind to be happy. We cannot be happy so long as we are in our ego. Ego makes us bored and drives us to seek excitement. Wisdom makes us aware, and drives us to seek enlightenment.

When one is firmly established on the path of Truth, the path of the Wise, one no longer falls prey to the duality of excitement and boredom.

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