In Love, In Truth, Forever and Free Forever

Why are human beings unhappy? Is our unhappiness because of others: because of something someone has said or done? If we are “undone” by others, then we must ask ourselves: “Who or what is “undone’?” (Who or what is in turmoil, and why?)

The only time that we are set off is when we are not really ON. Being “on” means being connected to our real nature. When our thoughts and actions are aligned with true reality (with the Essence of Consciousness) we cannot be disturbed by temporary unreality. If we are truly ON, then no one can turn us on or off; we are never excited or depressed, instead we are established in the Essence of our being.

These are not just words or concepts, or ideas; this is REALITY, this is the essence of our being. Unless we experience the essence of our being we will remain in an unsteady state of mind. Unless we know the Truth directly, we can never know the true meaning of this life.

Knowing the Truth is not something we learn from books. One can only know the Truth by knowing one’s own self, and one can know one’s own self only by knowing the Truth. One can never arrive at the Truth by chasing after images of ego (false identification). Ego is cut off from the Truth, and all images of Truth are born out of ego attempting to know the Truth. But the Truth can only be known when the ego is dropped. Unless ego is eliminated, one will remain caught up in images and self-delusion, and will never realize the Truth.

The Truth is crystal clear. It requires no interpretation, it only requires direct experience; hence, it cannot be filtered through the mind and ego. How does one love? One just loves. When one is truly “in love” one does not “reason” whether or not one should love. True love cannot be “figured out’, and neither can the Truth be “figured out.” Unfortunately, few people really know True Love; they only know the love which is born out of the mind and expressed through emotions. Emotional love is mental love; it is not true love. True love is the natural affinity of the soul with infinity. That is, your own being is eternally connected with the Supreme Being, and that inexplicable affinity is experienced as love. That true love is born out of Truth, and like the Truth, it too is absolutely clear (pure), undistorted, painless, imageless, beginingless and endless. Any “love” that is short of this description, is not really love, it is just a figment of the mind.

We need to know the Truth, and we need to love. We need to establish our mind in divine wisdom, in the wisdom that is manifested from Absolute Consciousness. We DO NOT NEED to revolve our mind and life around some “person’, or some “place’, or some “thing’. When we get wound up in our false identification (false ego), we are bound to unravel sooner or later. When we unravel we create our own little whirlpool and we get sucked into our own self-delusion and self-destruction.

We can become free right now if we recognize our own self-worth. Our True Self is ever free, undisturbed, and unmaligned. It is also unimaginable (it has no images). Images are worthless: they can only buy pleasure and pain, excitement and boredom, temporary happiness and misery. If we want to be truly free, we need to be true to our Real Self, which means simply this: we need to make our mind a sage, we need to make our mind the abode of noble thoughts and the fountain of inspiration. The Light of Truth shines in that mind, and when that happens, we are free, forever.

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