The Cure for Foolishness

The cure, or remedy, for foolishness is to drop our ego and embrace Wisdom. Ego is false identification and ignorance is false perception. False perception persists so long as one’s false identification (ego) remains. If we let go of our images (dogma, bias, and false expectations, and, especially our self-image), which are the crutches of our ego, our ego will fall and we will stand clear (i.e., the mind will be open and free).

“The mind is like a parachute, it only functions when open.”

When the mind is open and free of images it functions very well and we no longer make fools of ourselves. Otherwise, we become dysfunctional and try to fool ourselves into believing what is unreal is real, what is false is true, what is temporary is permanent, and what is detrimental to our well-being is helpful.

A fool is one who believes in his (or her) small self ego. In other words, a fool is one who is defrauded by one’s ego (false identification). Until we are perfectly clear, some false perception will persist and some self-doubt and foolishness will remain. When we are absolutely certain about our Real Nature and who we are, then we have nothing to prove or disprove to anyone because we have nothing to prove or disprove to ourselves.

This does not mean we will not help others to understand, but this help will be done as a “matter-of-fact.” In other words, it will just be the natural expression of our real nature and not the expression of our ego. When I say that it is a “natural expression,” this does NOT preclude the use of methodology and organized effort to create understanding (i.e., the spreading of wisdom).

“The wise learn from the mistakes of others, but a fool doesn’t even learn from his own mistakes.”

If we point out the foolishness of others while holding on to our own ego and images, then we are double-fools. We should see the mistakes of others so that we do not make those same mistakes ourselves, but we also need to see our own mistakes.

To see our own mistaken identity (EGO) we need to drop our images and open our minds to the wisdom of consciousness.

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