The Trap of Personality

Personality is the embellishment of ego. Many people are embalmed in their personality. They are mummified but seldom do they keep mum (seldom do they keep quiet). Even if we are outwardly quiet when we are in our ego, we are silently shouting abuses or trumpeting our own praises. This is the nature of the ego-infected mind.

When ego is embedded in the mind, the mind becomes the platform for ego expression, and that ego-expression takes shape in the form of personality. When we feed into our personality we become entrapped by it, because it becomes our habit to live through our personality. If we stopped feeding into it, we could free ourselves from our shallow personality and experience the expression of our True Self.

The True Self is ever manifest, but as long as we are asleep from Consciousness we do not experience it. We are asleep from Consciousness when our ego is in bed with our mind. Personality is the brainchild of ego.

We think we are a self-made man or woman, but in fact, the person we think we are is just a fiction of the mind. We are mythical beings. Our persona is simply a fictional character we create in our mind. Some of us are heroes and some of us are villains, but all of us are mythical beings.

To really understand who we are we need to go beyond our personality. In fact, we need to get out of our personality, because as long as we are stuck in a trap we cannot go anywhere.

We want to go beyond our self-imposed limitations and inadequacies. Ego is inadequate to make us happy. We cannot make ourselves really happy through our ego and personality. Ego and personality will always make us restless, bored, annoyed, angry, and stupid. Ego and personality make us stoop to the shallow things of life and make us degrade ourselves with cheap thrills and puppy love.

Personality is our pet, and when we are in our personality we become the pet of others and we also want others to be our pets. True love has nothing to do with pleasing the ego and personality of others (or our own). True love is constant and consistent because it is rooted in the wisdom of Consciousness, whereas personality-love lasts only as long as our personality is pleased.

We are not puppies or kittens; we are not dogs or cats; we are the Light of the Soul.

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