August 28, 2007

Winning the Game of Life

This life is an even playing field. It is not ‘rigged’ and no one has an intrinsic advantage or handicap. The field of Prakriti (Nature) is intrinsically balanced. Appearances arise (temporary reality appears) when that balance is altered.

Though each of us is in Reality the all-knowing ATMAN (Soul), we have put on the covering of Ignorance by virtue of our own Yogic power in the form of Yog Maya. This spell of Ignorance is really an illusion; it is a proposition of superimposition that we have willingly accepted in order to play the Game.

The Supreme Self (ParamAtman, Supreme Soul, or Over-Soul) is the Referee, the Score-Keeper, the Time-Keeper, Maker of the Rules, and the Master of the Game (the Supreme Generator, Operator, and Destroyer–GOD–the Creator, Preserver, and Transformer). That Supreme Self is always with us at every step of the way. That Supreme Self is our Ultimate Friend and Eternal Companion, and the One we can always trust.

We are embodied in the human form, and cannot escape our own humanity. Each of us is intrinsically HUMAN, which means we are a ’study in contrasts.’ The dichotomy of good and evil, right and wrong, strong and weak, unselfish and selfish, and so on and so forth is built into our mind in the form of innumerable impressions from our innumerable lives in innumerable different circumstances.

We have lived in many different life forms, but the power of Life is One and indivisible. We have changed our mind many times, but the Mind is One and Universal, and appears individualized only due to the presence of ego and ignorance. Ego and Ignorance are created by the illusory power of the Self. There is no real reality to unreality; and there can be no separation of the Self from the Supreme Self. The Self is indivisible and immaculate. The dichotomy and delusion are self-induced as the introduction of this Drama or Game of Life.

In every game there is the element of Chance. The next moment in this Drama of Life is NOT predetermined; it is all a matter of our choice.

“We are the sum total of the choices we make.”

Dr. T. R. Khanna

As in every game, there are boundaries and limitations. In this game of Life we are equipped with free-will and beset with limited intelligence. This combination is bound to break boundaries from time to time, intentionally or unintentionally. But the rules of the Game will always apply. Nature is very unforgiving, even though the Supreme Being is all-merciful and full of compassion. If we break the rules or run afoul, we will have to pay the penalty.

The more skillful we become, the fewer mistakes we make. When we finally attain our Goal of Liberation (Moksha) it will NOT be by chance or good luck; it will be by virtue of our good practices. Our good practices will get the attention of our Divine Friend, the Supreme Self, and with His help and guidance we will become totally free of ego and ignorance and once again become established in our original State of Being.

August 26, 2007


What is ‘experience?’ Experience is awareness coupled with action. The root of experience (or the root experience) is the act of being aware; or stated differently, it is awareness manifested as conscious being (the act of being conscious). The Self (ATMAN, Pure Consciousness, or Pure Awareness) manifests as Jivatman, which is the Self embodied in Prakriti and its evolutes (ego, intellect, mind, senses, and body). In this manifestation, the Self (as Jivatman) performs actions and has experiences.

No action can be done without energy. The inherent energy of the Self is called PRANA. Prana is the life-force by which the living self (Jivatman) performs actions and has experiences. The initial manifestation of the Energy of the Self is called PURUSH, the Spirit Self (Atman manifesting or embodied by its inherent Prana, lifeforce). The experience of Purush (Atman manifesting Prana) reveals Prakriti, the eternal Nature. The ‘joining’ of Purush with Prakriti causes the manifestation of the Universe (both the subtle and material world) and the evolution of the living Self (Jivatman).

This ’joining’ or uniting of Purush and Prakriti is the experience of Avidya (Ignorance). When the Ignorance is dissolved with the Wisdom of Consciousness, the eternal union of Purush (the Spirit Self) and Mahapurush (the Supreme Spirit) is made manifest (is ‘reflected’ in Prakriti). When (by means of the highest Tapas, austerity) even this ‘reflection’ is dissolved (Atman completely restrains its Prana), then the eternal union of the Self and the Supreme Self (Atman and Paramatman) is all there is. This is the Highest. Just prior to this is the state of Moksha (Liberation). In other words, Moksha is the state of complete freedom from Ignorance: it is the state of Purush (the most subtle Jivatman), the Spirit Self, established in eternal union with Mahapurush (Paramatman), the Supreme Spirit. The ‘union’ is said to be ‘eternal’ because this state of Moksha is cyclic, being the recurring achievement of the Self (Atman) as Jivatman, the Self embodied (expressed) through the eternal Prakriti.