What is “experience?” Experience is awareness coupled with action. The root of experience (or the root experience) is the act of being aware; or stated differently, it is awareness manifested as conscious being (the act of being conscious). The Self (ATMAN, Pure Consciousness, or Pure Awareness) manifests as Jivatman, which is the Self embodied in Prakriti and its evolutes (ego, intellect, mind, senses, and body). In this manifestation, the Self (as Jivatman) performs actions and has experiences.

No action can be done without energy. The inherent energy of the Self is called PRANA. Prana is the life-force by which the living self (Jivatman) performs actions and has experiences. The initial manifestation of the Energy of the Self is called PURUSH, the Spirit Self (Atman manifesting or embodied by its inherent Prana, lifeforce). The experience of Purush (Atman manifesting Prana) reveals Prakriti, the eternal Nature. The “joining” of Purush with Prakriti causes the manifestation of the Universe (both the subtle and material world) and the evolution of the living Self (Jivatman).

This ’joining” or uniting of Purush and Prakriti is the experience of Avidya (Ignorance). When the Ignorance is dissolved with the Wisdom of Consciousness, the eternal union of Purush (the Spirit Self) and Mahapurush (the Supreme Spirit) is made manifest (is “reflected” in Prakriti). When (by means of the highest Tapas, austerity) even this “reflection” is dissolved (Atman completely restrains its Prana), then the eternal union of the Self and the Supreme Self (Atman and Paramatman) is all there is. This is the Highest. Just prior to this is the state of Moksha (Liberation). In other words, Moksha is the state of complete freedom from Ignorance: it is the state of Purush (the most subtle Jivatman), the Spirit Self, established in eternal union with Mahapurush (Paramatman), the Supreme Spirit. The “union” is said to be “eternal” because this state of Moksha is cyclic, being the recurring achievement of the Self (Atman) as Jivatman, the Self embodied (expressed) through the eternal Prakriti.

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