The Experience of Love

Love is the experience of Oneness. The quality of “oneness” (LOVE) is NOT the state of “one being one;” it is the quality of “two being one,” or “many being one.”

True love is NOT a “state” of being, because “states” are by nature conditional and subject to change. True love is unconditional and changeless because it is a quality of Eternity, and all eternal qualities are by their very nature changeless.

“Eternity,” in the sense just now used, means the Self (Atman, Soul) and Supreme Self (Paramatman, Oversoul). When we say the Self and the Supreme Self are eternal, Eternity cannot be different from the Self and the Supreme Self (in other words, Eternity is the Self; it does not stand apart from the Self). Likewise, when we say the Self and Supreme Self are eternally united (in the relation of the one that is pervaded and the one that pervades), this union of Oneness is eternal and this union (or Oneness) is not different from the Self and the Supreme Self (in other words, the union is an inherent and unalterable characteristic of the Self and the Supreme Self).

The Self is conscious, and the Supreme Self is supremely conscious. The Self and the Supreme are not different from Consciousness. Thus, Consciousness, just like Love, Eternity, and Oneness is not a “state” or condition but actually “constitutes” the being of the Self and the Supreme Self.

However, since Being (the Self and Supreme Self) is not “constituted” or made up of parts, we can say: Love is the State of Being, or Oneness is the State of Being, or Eternity is the State of Being, and Consciousness is the State of Being. “State of Being” though expressed in three words is One, Complete, Whole.

SatChitAnanda is One, Complete, Whole. Supreme Soul-Soul-Nature, or Paramatman-Atman-Prakriti, is One, Complete, Whole. Though these are One Ultimate Reality, this reality is distinguishable as threefold.

True Love is Oneness, Completeness, Wholeness. The experience of Oneness, Completeness, Wholeness is the experience of LOVE, it is the experience of our Highest Nature.

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