Breaking the Mind-Ego Connection

In the esoteric literature, the mind has been called the “third eye.” We see with the mind, and if the mind is confused our perception will not be clear.

The body, mind, intellect—and even the ego—are NOT obstacles in our way: they cannot prevent us from being our selves. In other words, we do not stop being the spirit-self, or SOUL, just because we happen to have a body, mind, and intellect and are conscious of all these. The presence of these phenomena (which includes the phenomenon of self-consciousness) cannot diminish or alter the State of Being. There are many souls who have attained the state of Liberation while retaining their mind, intellect, and self-identity (and in some cases even the body, as they wish).

So where does the problem lie. The problem lies in the mind-ego connection. Ego must be removed from our thought. In other words, we have to stop thinking about ourselves. Self-conceit (ASMITA) is definitely an obstacle on the path. This false ego is the perpetrator and perpetuator of ignorance, which is the root cause of all violence, pain, and suffering.

Being conscious of the Self will remove self-consciousness from the mind. Being conscious of the Self is the pure self-consciousness, which is devoid of self-involvement—in other words, the mind-ego connection has been broken.

The feelings that arise in the mind are not your feelings, they are the feelings of the mind only. The Self has only one feeling—the feeling of Absolute Love. In Absolute Love there is no animosity, depression, jeolousy, greed, ill-will, remorse, fear, or any other loathsome feeling.

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