True Spirituality

True spirituality has nothing at all to do with one’s self-image or ego. Since manmade religion is born out of ego, it is also correct to say that true spirituality has nothing at all to do with religion.

Manmade religion is a creation of the human mind under the influence of the ego-driven intellect. By its very nature, the ego-driven intellect is susceptible to superstition because the presence of ego (false identification) distorts one’s intelligence and creates dark corners in the mind. In a darkened state of mind, one mistakes the unreal as real, the false as true, and the unbelievable as believable. Basically, when the mind is infected by ego it makes one “think in boxes.” In other words, one becomes “boxy.” Unless one’s images are broken, one becomes a “boxy oxy-moron.’

One’s images can only be broken with the Wisdom of Consciousness. When our images are broken, our ego falls off and we stand free as the Spirit Self. This is true spirituality.

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