Beyond All Roles

There is absolutely nothing and no one that stands in our way of being completely fulfilled and happy—except our own small self ego and image riddled mind.

To be happy, all we need to do is drop our mental images (preconceptions and misconceptions) and let go of our ego (false identity). Even if our ideas are true, they will not ring true if we are in our ego. In other words, the truth will not vibrate in our being unless we get rid of our ego. Since ego is the outcome of ignorance, we must remove our ignorance, and this can only be accomplished with the Wisdom of Consciousness.

At the core of our being is the center of Consciousness called the “soul” (Atman). This pure Consciousness is devoid of the shackles of small self ego. It is only the mind that is bound by its images that creates the illusion of bondage. In fact, the soul is ever-free. It is only the mind that is bound. To free the mind, wisdom must be applied to it and put into practice. In other words, the mind must be filled with wisdom and the wisdom must be applied in our daily life. “Applying wisdom” means putting it to use in all our actions and interactions at every moment of our existence.

The Wisdom of Consciousness says that we are FREE. It says that we are NOT our mental feelings and failings. The wisdom says that we are NOT our mental coverings (including ego). The work of Consciousness is to remove all the mental coverings so that the Light of the Soul can shine forth. This is called Enlightenment.

We cannot be enlightened so long as we are hiding beneath the cover of ego, the mask of false selfhood. The True Self does not have any “hood’—it does NOT have any mental covering. Childhood, manhood, womanhood, priesthood, householder-hood, hermit-hood, monk-hood, sainthood,—these are all temporary roles assumed in a temporary drama. Beyond the drama is Reality. Beyond all roles is the Real Self.

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