October 28, 2006

The Atheist and the Theist

The atheist is one who denies the existence of a Supreme Being, and the theist is one who asserts the existence of a Supreme Being.

The atheist is one who does not believe in the existence of GOD, and the theist is one who believes that GOD exists.

Both the atheist and theist are caught up in their beliefs and ideas, and their assertions are born out of their ego and not from direct experience. Of course, we could also say that their assertions and beliefs are born out of their inexperience.

GOD is not an idea. Ultimately, the existence of GOD is not proven or disproven by an empirical process. Certainly, by an empirical process one can establish the probability or improbability of the existence of GOD, but the PROOF ultimately lies with direct experience.

Now, most people will say that our direct experience is any experience that we have with our senses (seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, or smelling). If something cannot be seen, heard, tasted, touched or smelled we will conclude that there is no ‘hard evidence.’ Of course, there are many other ways by which we ‘prove’ to ourselves (or others) that something is real or unreal. These other ‘ways’ include (but are not limited to) inference and knowledge conveyed to us by others (whom we trust).

What do we really mean by ‘direct experience?’ If we perceive something through our mind, which is separate from our self, can this be called ‘direct’ experience? If you ask your beloved if he or she loves you, and your beloved replies, “I think so,” you will not be very happy. You want to be certain of that love; ABSOLUTELY certain, and certainly you will not be content with a ‘guesstimate’ or even a so-called ‘educated guess.’ The fact is, you cannot rely on their mind or your mind for the answer or proof. The ‘direct experience’ that you seek is somewhere beyond the mind.

If we experience something through our mind, then it is an indirect experience. Mind, in this case, includes our intellect and senses. Then how will we discern the Truth, and who or what does this ‘discerning?’

Certainly, intellect is attributed with the capacity of discernment, but the ordinary intellect (BUDDHI) is subjectively identified with the mind and senses; hence, its power of discernment is not totally reliable, and is often very unreliable.

There is a higher intellect (Medha and Prajna) which is connected to Divine Wisdom (the wisdom of Consciousness that emanates from the Pure Self, PURUSH), which the living self (Jivatman) is in possession of. This higher power of discernment is cultivated by the practice of spiritual discipline in the form of YOGA. Unless one begins by laying the foundation, it is impossible to cultivate this higher power of discernment.

The foundation of Yoga is Non-Violence, Truthfulness, Non-stealing, Good Character (as it pertains to sexuality), and non-greediness (controlling one’s desire for more and more things, money, pleasure, excitement, appreciation, personal recognition, fame, EVERYTHING).

With this foundation permanently in place, one begins to purify the senses, mind, and intellect and begins to experience directly the wisdom of Consciousness. In other words, one’s conscious Self perceives (through consciousness itself) the elements of mind, intellect, senses, and the body, and realizes intuitively that one’s conscious Self is distinct from all of this.

‘Intuitively’ simply means one’s understanding emanates directly from one’s consciousness and not from the mind and intellect. It is fair to say that most people are ‘mental’ and are not really conscious, because they live through their mind. They are so much caught up in their mental machinery that they have become living automaton robots. It is extremely difficult for them to perceive that they are other than the mind. Most people think they are the mind, because that is what they are always doing: THINKING. For them, even intuition is just another form of thinking, which is why they won’t understand even a particle of this article.

The mind (including the intellect) is only a part of our being. If we deny that ‘presence’ within us that observes the mind, it is denied only because we are in our ego. In other words, the awareness that we are conscious beings distinct from the mind is obscured due to the presence of ego in the mind. Ego is naturally present, but it doesn’t belong in the mind (or I should say, it is our natural duty as human beings to remove our ego from the mind, because that will make us very happy once it is removed).

The ‘presence’ within us that observes the mind is our conscious Self. When we are conscious of that conscious Self we are self-conscious (in the pure sense), which means we are observing the mind from the perspective of our pure ego. Still, this is indirect perception.

When we are looking down, we might see our reflection in the puddle of water and think we have seen our own self. But to really see where we have come from, we have to lift up our gaze and look to the sun, moon, and the stars and then we will realize that we are just star dust. When we remove the dust, we realize our Essence.

To have the direct experience we have to stop seeing things through our ego. When we finally purify our inner being with the Light of Wisdom, our pure consciousness stands clear of all the adjuncts of ego, intellect, mind, senses and body. We directly experience our Essence, and that essence is the Supreme Consciousness (PARAMATMAN) that pervades our being (pure consciousness, ATMAN).

In that State of Being,

in that state of Ultimate Being,

in that Original and Final Being,

there is neither atheist or theist,

neither day or night,

neither young or old,

neither white or black, this or that.

There is only . . .


October 27, 2006

In Search of Truth

Oh Human Being, why are you wandering in the world of unreality?

Why are you stuck in your images and distorted intellect?

Your intelligence was given to you to guide your mind beyond your small self; beyond your false feelings of ‘me, my, and mine.’

But you are using your intellect to justify and validate your nonsense and your non-self.

There is no validity to your ego, so why do you give it credence?

There is no sense in your nonsense, yet you are trying to make sense of it.

The Wise are telling you to drop your ego, your false sense of identity. They are telling you to follow the path that will lead you back Home to your original Being. Your Real Self is waiting for you, but you are waiting on your mind and serving your ego, and you have no time for the Divine.

Don’t you see? YOU ARE DIVINE. You are NOT the mind, body, or ego. You are beyond all of this. You are beyond what you thought you were, what you thought you did, what you think you are, and what you think you will do.

Knowing is Doing, and thinking is stinking. Living in the state of Being is not a rehearsal, it is not an ‘attainment,’ it is not the object of your life: it is your LIFE. If you are thinking about changing a bad habit (like over-thinking!) you are NOT changing, you are stuck in your thinking. When we are stuck in our thinking, we are not going anywhere; we remain stuck in our images, in our mental mold, and that mold makes our mind stink and over think.

When the mind blossoms with the wisdom of Consciousness, that mind is fragrant (inspired) and that fragrance (inspiration) spreads everywhere. So, open your mind to the Divine Wisdom and stop holding on to your little ego. Open your heart and feel the Presence of the Divine.

You say your heart is open, but your mind is still confused. You do not know your True Self so how can you be true? If your heart is really open, you will listen with an open mind. If your mind is really open, you will listen with a humble heart. The shower of Wisdom is poured upon one and all, but only the humble one receives it. If we are receptive to the wisdom of the Wise, we will never fall prey to the deception of the mind.

We are deceived by others only because we have fallen in the trap of self-deception. We are deceived when we listen to our ego, and when we are deceived, our perception is not clear. When the mind is clouded with misinformation, we are misinformed and our perception is distorted and deformed. In the state of misperception we form opinions and call them ‘facts’. The fact is, we are confused and confounded until we have found the Truth.

We have not found the Truth because we have been looking in the wrong places. We have been searching between the covers of a book; we have been consulting with the ignorant and the conniving; we have been digging into our past or looking to a future based on fantasy; we have been reading, and reading, and reading without any practice, practice, practice. Perhaps we have heard the Truth from the lips of the Wise, or have been introduced to the Truth through their writings or life’s example, but have we really assimilated what we have understood?

Understanding is NOT enough. If we were lost, but now understand how to get back Home, but instead we go in a different direction, or stay where we are and do nothing, then WE ARE STILL LOST and have not really understood.

We are wandering in the world of unreality by our own choice, by our own doing, and we will be undone by our own doing, unless we change what we are doing. Just changing our images, or our religion, or our opinions is not going to ‘cut it,’ it is not going to cut through all the lies and nonsense. To cut through the nonsense we need the sharp sword of Wisdom, and that Wisdom only comes to us when we drop all our images and become humble.

Becoming humble means kicking our ego out of our mind and taking back our life. Becoming humble means using our intellect intelligently, and not as the lackey of our ego. Becoming humble means holding firmly to the principles of goodness and non-violence, and never wavering in our commitment to the Absolute Truth.

Someone will say, “What Absolute Truth? Truth is relative to the one who holds it to be true.” This is called ‘using the intellect to justify one’s nonsense and non-self.’ One who is disconnected will see everything in ‘parts’ and will always be partial (biased).

The little mind (the ‘individualized mind’) cannot grasp the Universal Truth. Only the Universal Mind can comprehend the nature of Truth and realize the Truth is Absolute. In other words, only the mind that is related to the Truth will be able to realize it. The mind becomes related to the truth only when it becomes universal (imageless); the mind can only become universal and imageless when it is filled with the Universal Imageless Truth.

Oh Human Being, become alive again; experience the freshness of Consciousness, the same pure and vibrant State of Being you possessed as an innocent child. STOP the adulteration of your mind! Wash your mind with the pure wisdom of consciousness, and STOP brainwashing yourself with the propaganda of ego. Don’t believe in the false promises and lies of your distorted intellect; and don’t surrender to the charlatans, false prophets, religious liars, philosophical misfits, and, most especially, your own little ego.

Don’t search for the Truth in the eyes of a man or a woman, for you will find the Truth in the eyes of a child. That ‘child’ is your own self, stripped of the paraphernalia of images and ego. Through the perception (eyes) of the Pure Self (your own real self), your search will be over at last.