Ill-will creates ill health. Anyone who harbors a grudge will always find the grudge boomerangs on them. Whenever we have ill-will towards others or ourselves, it makes us sick. Mental sickness, and even physical sickness, is usually rooted in some form of ill-will. For example, we can make ourselves physically ill by being “down on ourselves’. When we put ourselves down, our immune system also goes down.

Putting ourselves down means we are not picking ourselves up with inspiration. If we are doing the wrong actions—actions which are hurtful or harmful—it will be very difficult to inspire ourselves. Wrong actions typically consist of either negligence or over-indulgence. In other words, wrong actions are rooted in indiscipline. If we do not control our mind, our mind will control us and we will be miserable.

A miserable human being is a miser of good energy. In other words, they keep their good energy to themselves instead of spending it on good actions like exercising, studying, meditating, serving the family, working hard, and staying inspired. We have to spend our energy on good actions; otherwise we are bound to be miserable.

A miserable human being is damned. Literally, they are suffering from self-damnation. The flow of good energy is blocked by their own obstinate ego. Ego refuses to cooperate with the good; ego holds on to images of others and is unable to see others as souls. When our ego is embedded in our mind, we feel tense, annoyed, and angry when things don’t go our way.

We think others are in our way, but really we are in our way. In other words, our ego is in our way and making us unhappy. Ego drives us to follow our whims instead of following our heart. “Heart” means the core of our being; it is that center of consciousness seated in the mind that is untouched by unreality. If we don’t listen to our heart, our heart will become silent and we will become heartless.

We should only become heartless with our own ego. We should have no place in our mind for ego. Ego will prompt us to repeat our mistakes and prevent us from changing for the better. Unless we are changing for the better, we are changing for the worse; there is just no such thing as the status quo. If we are changing for the worse, we are certainly not going to feel good about ourselves, though we may try to put up a façade.

Let’s face it. We cannot hide from ourselves because we have to live with our self everyday. People who hide behind a façade of false persona eventually find it very hard to live with themselves. Then they take out their frustration and anger on others, usually those who are closest to them. First they hold others in contempt, but eventually they begin to hate themselves.

Bad habits lead to self-hate. Self-hate leads to self-destruction. With our self-hate we destroy both our health and mental balance. The only way to ward off this ill fate is to take back our life and start changing for the better TODAY. Even the longest journey begins with one step in the right direction. Take that step today, and keep moving forward from here to Eternity. OM

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