Flirting With Disaster

We are a push-over when we follow our ego and get distracted by the whims of our mind. If we are push-overs we will never be able to pull ourselves up and reach our highest potential. We are a push-over when we listen to our small self and seek excitement in shallow things, or look for happiness from shallow people. It is our ego that pushes us to be with the wrong people and do the wrong things.

If we are not doing what is good for ourselves, our environment, and the people around us, then we are not doing what is right: we are doing what is wrong. It is wrong to be in our ego and flirt with disaster. It is not called “pushing our luck,” it is called being pushed around by our own shallow mentality, and when we do that our luck has already run out.

Good luck is good effort. When we are not making an effort to improve, we automatically lose our good luck. If we think we can help someone else by flirting with them, by pleasing their personality, or by enhancing their ego, we are deluding ourselves.

Man is seduced by the mystique of a woman, and a woman is enchanted by the charm of a man (or vice versa) and both are flirting with disaster. I understand it is human nature to be attracted to the opposite sex. That attraction is natural. But isn’t there something more than that? Yes, there is our attraction to our True Self. Our True Self is a mystic. When we are connected to the mystic within we are never overwhelmed by the mythical beings we meet outside.

Our own mythical being, our own false self, is outside our being. It is the state of non-being perceived as being, or imagined as being. This false perception (of our self in the form of a “person”) is created by our ego (false identification). Our false perception does not let us see the disaster about to happen. It can be a disastrous mistake to flirt with a mythical being, because we can lose touch with reality and make-believe the unreal is real. When this happens, the truth becomes a mystery to us and we are dumbfounded. We are unable to express the truth when we are impressed with untruth.

When the mind is filled with impressions which are in contradistinction to what is Real, the mind expresses that which is contrary to the Truth. This expression of untruth (through our false feelings, misperceptions, and wrong conceptions) makes the mind very thick and we lose our ability to flow and think clearly. When this happens it is very easy for the mind to get stuck in its images, and this gives the ego a stronghold in our mind. This is a disaster waiting to happen.

The disaster is this:

We are on this journey of Life to discover our True Self and share the wealth of our True Self with all whom we come in contact. To uncover the Truth we have to work hard on ourselves and remain committed to the work at hand, which means putting our good knowledge to good use. If we “know better” but do not “do better” we are going to be “undone” by our own false ego. When we go crazy chasing after the empty things of this world (including shallow relationships), we never experience the fullness of Consciousness which permeates every moment of every day of our Life. Surely, this is a disaster. We can avoid this disaster by being sincere and earnest. The choice is ours. The consequences are already worked out by Nature, and nature is very unforgiving. To avoid a natural disaster (such as getting attached or stuck to an uncentered, i.e., self-centered person) we should live a natural life and attain our Supreme Nature. OM

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