September 27, 2006

Be Real, Be Happy

If we want to be really happy we have to be really REAL. Being real means not pretending to be permanently happy with temporary happiness. In other words, being real means not imagining that temporary relationships are permanent. There is only one permanent relationship, and that is the relationship of that which is permanent with that which is permanent.

The Supreme Self (GOD) is permanent, the soul-self is permanent, and the insentient invisible substance with which the Supreme Self creates this visible world, and with which the soul is embodied as a living being is also permanent.

The Supreme Self is called SatChitAnand. The Supreme Self is simultaneously eternal (permanent) Existence/Consciousness/Bliss. We can say that the Supreme Self (Paramatman: Supreme Soul) is indestructible, unchangeable, all-pervading, ever-existing blissful Consciousness.

The soul-self (our own self) is called Atman, which means all-pervading. Therefore, our essential quality is that we are indestructible, unchangeable, all-pervading, ever-existing Consciousness. We are blissful on account of our being pervaded by the Supreme Self. Our proximity to the Supreme Self is experienced when we experience that All-blissful Presence, and this highest experience is the highest state of consciousness, and is called Moksha (Liberation), Heaven, Nirvana, and so forth.

The insentient, invisible eternal substance is called Prakriti. This is Nature in its primordial (pre-manifested) state. This Nature is vast and expansive, but it is not all-pervading. This Nature (Prakriti) is pervaded by the Supreme Self and ourselves. Though Nature manifests in the form of the Multiverse (universes after universes after universes), or we can simply say, the Universe, this manifested Universe does not in any way change or diminish the eternal Substance called Prakriti (Nature).

The interrelationship of the Supreme Self, ourselves, and Nature creates this drama of existence, and this drama, or play (LILA) exists for only one purpose: so that we can experience our Essence, which is none other than that All-pervading, Ever-existing, Ever-conscious, Supremely Blissful Self.

So, if we really want to be really happy, we must relate or connect to that state of Consciousness which is permanently happy. If we get caught up in the ever-changing phenomenal world, then the happiness we derive from it will surely change into something else: for example, it will change from happiness to unhappiness.

Since our intrinsic nature is happiness itself, we can never be satisfied with impermanent happiness. Hence, we would be wise to practice detachment from the things of this world; and we would be foolish, or other than wise, to practice otherwise. This practice is a mental practice, because really this world exists in our mind only. From the point of view of the Soul-self, this whole world is just a big drama. When the Light of the Soul shines upon the mind, the mind perceives the truth about this world and is no longer disturbed by it.

This practice is the practice of Yoga. This Yoga is a sovereign and secret science, which simply means that it is one which must be practiced by one’s own self (sovereign), and its efficacy must be experienced directly within one’s own self, which is why this science is unknown or hidden (secret) to those who are looking outside of themselves by living in their images and storybook, manmade religious, philosophical, academic, or materialistic pursuits. OM

September 26, 2006

Why Happiness Eludes Us

Happiness eludes us because we are running away from ourselves. We do not realize that true happiness is inside of us.

We are running away from ourselves when we live in denial about what we need to change. We are running away from ourselves when we refuse to confront our own ego, and choose instead to seek appreciation and recognition. We want to be adored but we don’t adore our own real self. We don’t want to be ignored, but we ignore our own real self.

Our real self doesn’t need anything. When our mind is clear, we realize this. But when the mind is filled with thoughts of poor ‘little me,’ we think the whole world is against us. The truth is there is nothing happening to us that we are not doing to ourselves. If we are angry, we are making ourselves angry. If we are bored, we are making ourselves bored. If we are miserable, we are making ourselves miserable.

If you think this is over-simplification, then you are simply mistaken. If we mistake our mind for our own real self, then we have created a false identity, and that mistaken identity creates lots of confusion. If we do not know who we really are, and what we really are, it is impossible to be who we really are, which means it will be impossible to be really happy. OM