Sacred Heart

This life is a sacred gift from above. We did not arise from the dust, only to return there again. No, we did not evolve from worms or cockroaches or monkeys. Consciousness is the root of all life and all things in this Universe. This Universe was formulated in Consciousness, and shaped from an invisible, primordial substance (called PRAKRITI). This world of matter, and all the living things residing here, are enveloped in Consciousness. If the ends of the Universe are ever reached by the scientists, they will discover that this entire Universe is bound by Consciousness. Ultimately, this world will fade away into Consciousness itself.

At the time of the formation of the Universe, Consciousness was present. That same Consciousness existed before the Universe came into existence, it exists now, and will continue to exist when everything else passes away into oblivion.

Then why are we oblivious to the presence of that Consciousness within ourselves? It is because we take this life for granted and don’t realize just how sacred it really is. Our life is not a child’s play, but unless we become childlike we will not comprehend what this life is all about. It is NOT all about ‘little me’. Life is NOT all about ‘my’ feelings, ‘my’ worries, ‘my’ plans and expectations. This false life is just a nightmare that we create in our minds due to the infection of ego. When we are in our ego we take this life for granted and we think life owes us something. We say, “what can I get out of life?” This is the wrong way to think. We should be asking ourselves what we can give to this life, and how can we share it with others?

If we are truly conscientious we will live constantly in a state of grace. We will feel the power of that Supreme Consciousness present within ourselves and all around us. This is not something that we imagine; it is a vibration of the sacred heart.

Our mind must be purified so that we can perceive the Truth. So long as we are holding a grudge, harboring feelings of self-hate, feeling sorry for ourselves, expressing anger or feeling superior or inferior, we cannot experience our Essence. OM

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