Be Completely Fulfilled

Banish the idea of separation. Dispel the notion of ignorance. You are full. You are complete. You are One with the Absolute. You are absolutely inseparable from the Supreme. You are permanently united with your Essence.

When we remove the idea of separateness (EGO) created by Avidya (Ignorance), the emptiness vanishes and we experience the fullness of Consciousness. This Absolute Fulfillment is all-satisfying and there is no false feeling of loneliness, insecurity, doubt, or other hallucination remaining in the mind. Even if such false feelings arise in the mind, the conscious Self is not disturbed or moved by them. Such a human being who is firmly grounded in the Wisdom of Consciousness becomes a source of inspiration to others, and helps them create balance in their lives.

Our work in this life is to create a “Masterpiece.” We are the artists of Life, and our own life is our masterpiece. We become the artists of life by mastering our own mind. When we remove our ignorance, doubt, selfishness, and egotistic habits and intentions, our mind becomes concentrated with the power of goodwill. This goodwill eradicates our ill-will, which in turn leads to our own well-being and promotes the well-being of all.

We need to shape our mind into a likeness of our True Self (Atman, Pure Consciousness). This is work, but it is not drudgery. On the contrary, it is an artistic work. The work of mental, physical, spiritual development involves the concentration (focus) and dedication (devotion) of all our energy (thought power, physical power, and spiritual power) in the expression of our Real Self.

All we need to do is to be our Self. To be our Self means to make our mind into a likeness of the Self. When the mind is filled with ego and ignorance, it presents a distorted picture of our self and the mind becomes confused. To remove the confusion the mind must be purified with the Wisdom of Consciousness. When the mind is purified with the Wisdom of Consciousness we can just be ourselves. But if we are unjust to ourselves by listening to our ego and remaining in ignorance, we cannot just be ourselves. Instead, we will be miserable.

We are miserable when we are misers and horde our good energies. On the other hand, when we utilize our energies in raising consciousness (by removing ego and ignorance), we recharge ourselves and encourage others. Eventually, our mind becomes an instrument of Light (the Wisdom of Consciousness), and when that happens we are completely fulfilled.

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