Positivity is Your Nature

Positivity is the expression of Consciousness. Being positive means being fully conscious. One is not fully conscious when engaged in negative thinking and bad habits.

In order to practice negativity one has to ignore ones real nature. The nature of Consciousness is to shine. The nature of awareness is to be aware. The nature of ignorance is to ignore.

Practicing negativity means practicing ignorance–it means to ignore our real nature. When the tendency to be negative arises in the mind it must be counteracted with inspiration. Inspiration is practiced. Eventually it becomes as natural as breathing.

This doesn’t mean we will always breathe easy. Sometimes due to illness, injury or pollution breathing is a challenge. Likewise, sometimes due to traumatic experiences, past memories, and unhealthy environments the mind can become clouded with negative emotions and thoughts. These dark clouds can be dispelled with the energy of Consciousness and transformed into refreshing insights.

Every challenge is a chance to bring out the best in ourselves. Our best is the Wisdom of Consciousness projected through our good thoughts and good deeds.

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