Wanting and Wantonness

“Wanting” is a distortion of our real nature (higher nature) and leads to greed (whether monetary or emotional greed). When the greed sets in we lose our power of discernment, and once that is lost our failure is certain. We fail even when we get what we want, because getting what we want is not the definition of success—the real definition of success is to do what we need to do because it is the right thing to do. In this case, the result is inconsequential because “good work is its own reward.”

Wanting makes us wanton. It deprives the mind of peace. The mind deprived of peace can easily become depraved, because when the mind lacks peace it seeks solace in excitement. Seeking excitement is a degrading way to live. Just as excitement and boredom go hand in hand, in the same way, wanting and wantonness go hand in hand.

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