Paying for Our Karma

Our karmic debt is over the moment we decide it is over. It is a mistaken notion to think that we have to suffer. It is even more ridiculous to think that someone else can pay our karmic debt for us. It is also foolish to think we can pay our karmic debt by giving money to someone, similar to paying a fine for a traffic violation.

We are free souls. That is what we have always been and will always be. We have to make up our mind to realize this Truth. To do that, we need to do some demolition work and tear down the walls of our ego. Mental renovation is necessary. When we reform our own mind with wisdom it will no longer form the wrong ideas (misconceptions).

The mind becomes deformed by bad habits. Bad habits cripple the mind by making it weak. If the mind remains crippled it becomes deformed. We cripple our mind when we make lame excuses for our weaknesses and shortcomings. We shortchange ourselves when we don’t change for the better, here and now.

If we want to be truly free, then we have to decide to be free right now. When we have made up our mind to be free, then nothing can break our resolve to remain free. Nature will inflict its punishment on the body (for our past actions), but this body, after all, belongs to nature. The soul (ATMAN) is distinct from this.

The “resolve to remain free” means making up our mind not to repeat the mistakes of the past, or the mistakes of yesterday, or the mistakes of the last moment. It means living in the freshness of Consciousness and not getting stuck in any mental image. This is something we learn by practice, and the more we practice the better we get at it. Nothing improves without effort. The mother of success is good effort. The mother of failure is the whorish mentality that “I don’t need to make a commitment, because I am free to do whatever I want.” You are free to do what you want, but you are not free from the consequences of what you do.

A person who doesn’t make up their mind to do the right thing is going to do the wrong thing. Doing the wrong thing will always result in painful consequences. Since everyone wants to avoid pain and suffering, everyone should make up their mind to do what is right. Knowing right from wrong is not difficult if we haven’t messed up our mind by over-thinking and under-doing. We should think in short sentences and back up our understanding by undertaking good work under the guidance of the Wise.

To listen to the Wise we have to be humble (we have to drop our ego). The Wise help us train our mind to listen to our higher nature. They help us to become truly independent, truly free. Our addictions and dependencies are created by our own wrong choices. Likewise, our freedom (from ego and mind games) is established by our right choices. The Wise teach us to choose for ourselves and not let our ego make our decisions for us.

The answers are found in the Wisdom of Consciousness. We find the right answers when we ask the right questions, and we discover the Truth when we remove the covering of ego and ignorance. When the Truth is realized, we are free and our karmic debt is finished.

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