“I know nothing.”
Another says, “I know something.”
That ‘something’ is nothing.
Even nothing is something.
The one who says, “I know nothing” also knows something.

“I know.”
I know what?
“I know I know.”
This is gross ego.
“I know.”
This is subtle ego.
“I am.”
This is ego, plain and simple.

Simplify it further.
“All is, I am not.”
More simple is this:

The pure state of ‘Isness’. . . .
neither this is, nor that is.
Just Is.

Is (‘isness’) is Just.
Just-is Is (only ‘isness’ is).

Where there is ego, there is injustice.
Where there is no ego, there is only Justice.
Just Be.
Be Just.
Be egoless, just ‘is.’


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