Make the Right Choice

Either we can be happy or we can be in our ego. It is one or the other. When we are in our ego we are beside our self with fear (anxiety) and doubt. Dismay soon follows.

When we are united with our Self, there is neither any anxiety or doubt. There is peace, and that peace is for real. It is not the result of stimulus and response. The real peace comes from deep within when the mind is established in divine Wisdom.

When actions are done to appease our mind and ego, we lose peace of mind. Some people never find a moment of peace because every moment they are chasing after their whims and mental images. Such a life is hell and in hell there is no happiness.

Hell is the curse of ego and its cause is Ignorance. This is why it is so necessary to remove our ignorance. If we do not remove it, we are going to make our life hellish. Ignorance is perpetuated by ego in the form of arrogance and stubbornness. One can be educated but still very ignorant of one’s real nature due to one’s obstinate ego.

This is where the necessity of a good teacher comes into play. To learn we have to be humble; but before we can learn we have to be taught, and to be taught we need to have a teacher. Good teachers (of Wisdom) are hard to find because they are not very much in demand these days. Most people want to be told what their mind and ego want to hear. Most people want to validate their ego by fulfilling their images.

To really learn we have drop all our images. Once we do that, it becomes very easy to be happy because we no longer have false conditions and expectations.

True happiness is natural because it comes from our real Self. If we want to be really happy all we need to do is be our Self. It is not possible to be in our ego and also be our Self. It is not possible to be happy unless we are our Self. Either we can be happy or we can be in our ego.

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