Skin-deep Spirituality

Religion is “surface-level” worship of God; it is “skin-deep” spirituality. It is strictly ornamental. Ornamental “religious” worship will never impress your Higher Nature upon your mind.

People read about, talk about, write about, and think about “Higher Consciousness,” the “Supreme Being,” “GOD,” but it is impossible to realize the Truth without raising our consciousness by leaving our ungodly thoughts and actions and surrendering to the Supreme Self.

The real spiritual work is not for show; it is for life. Our spiritual depth is revealed in our daily existence. If we are deep human beings we will not be attracted to the shallow things of life, like shallow conversations with shallow people caught up in shallow personality.

The first shallow person we get caught up with is our own small self. When a person is in love with their own personality they are deluded. They are also deluded if they hate their own personality. In other words, if we are taking our personality too seriously it means we are not serious about our spiritual growth. Spiritual growth means to “raise consciousness” (our own as well as that of others). If we are not raising consciousness we are indulging in shallow personality, and that indulgence is going to show in our vibrations.

People who are living on the “surface level” of life always have shallow vibrations. Because they are not tuned to higher consciousness they are unable to harmonize on the deep level of Divine Wisdom. Only when people come together and share divine wisdom do they truly prosper on every level (mental, physical, and spiritual). People who only share mind games are always losers, even when they win an ego battle. People who share divine wisdom are always winners because their minds are not ruled by ego. Wise people listen to their higher nature and keep their ego in check.

“Keeping our ego in check” means we are not indulging in shallow personality; it means we are not relating to others (and our self) on the surface only, instead, we are seeing the spirit self, the essence. Our spirituality is not skin-deep, but reaches into our heart and soul and is manifested in our daily existence.

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