It Is Time to Realize the Truth (Truth is Love)

The time is here to be liberated, to be free. The time is here to go beyond the mind and its images. The time is here to be real, to be fulfilled, to be complete. The time is here to realize our True Nature. That is what this life is all about. It is not all about satisfying our feelings and desires. It is not all about becoming successful in the world—it is about learning to take a loss gracefully.

You see, everything will be lost in time. Time devours everything. Nothing escapes the jaws of Time. Time is never on our side, but if we are on the side of Truth we will go beyond everything—including Time.

True love is rooted in Truth. Like truth, true love is timeless. It has no beginning, no middle, and no end. True love is not based on the past or the future, or even on the present. True love is founded on Eternity.

Ideas are clothed in language, but true love is naked, it has no words that describe it. True love is experienced only when we leave all our images.

Wherever there are images, there are expectations. Where there are expectations, frustration is sure to follow. And where there is frustration there is anger and despair.

Love has no image, no expectation. But this Love is not the love of the world. The love of the world is a fabrication of the mind arising out of the mind’s own limitation. The mind cannot perceive the truth so it fabricates its own; the mind cannot find true love so it imagines it.

The love of the world is based on the mind, on its impressions, tendencies, and attitudes. The love of the world is just a drama, it is just an act, it is not for real, it is not forever. The love of the mind only lasts as long as the mind clings to it.

The mind clings to that which stimulates it, and it calls it love. That which repels the mind, the mind calls hate. The love and hate of the mind are the two sides of the same counterfeit coin which can only buy us pain and suffering.

True love is born out of commitment to That which is eternal, to That which is Real. When our commitment is ‘one without a second’, we begin to experience true love, we experience the highest, indescribable feeling. That feeling arises from Love. Love does not arise from the feelings of the mind. Love arises from commitment.

Any commitment which is based on the feelings of the mind is a commitment that is unstable. That commitment is little more than a whim of the mind. Some whims last for a few days, some for a few years, or even a few decades, but every whim comes to an end.

To find true love the mind must be disciplined, it must be contained. If the mind is allowed to follow its whims, then the truth will forever elude us. Where there is no self-restraint, there are no boundaries. Where there are no boundaries, there is no definition, no real conception and no clear perception. The mind that is habituated to wandering outside (in the world of objects) loses its objectivity and cannot be directed inward.

What we are seeking is within ourselves. That Absolute Love, that Fulfillment, that Supreme Happiness is within our own being. It is time to realize the Truth.

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