Become Nothing

As long as we think we are somebody or something, we cannot find lasting peace.

“We were nothing, we are nothing, and we will be nothing. So why play the ego-game?”

Dr. T. R. Khanna

We waste so much time trying to impress others, or fighting with others, or struggling with our own mind because we have not gotten in touch with our Real Self.

Our Real Self is not what we think we are; so why spend so much time thinking about what we are not? We are not our body, we are not our mind, we are not our ego or personality: WE ARE NOTHING.

Everything is nothing, and nothing is everything, but something is only a very small part of everything, and a very small part of nothing.

We are not promoting existentialism or nihilism, we are simply propounding the truth, and the truth is that what we think we are, WE ARE NOT, because what we REALLY ARE is unthinkable by the mind. Our little individual mind cannot see beyond ‘little me’, and ‘little me’ is a myth, it is NOT real.

We are caught up in Mithya-Gyaan, false knowledge, or we can say ‘mythical knowledge.’ If our understanding is based on a myth, then we will never understand what is real. If our understanding of ourselves is based on ‘little me’ we will misunderstand our well-wishers and never know our real self. In other words, our mind cannot reflect the Light of the Soul, the Wisdom of Pure Consciousness, so long as it is preoccupied with thoughts of ‘little me.’

The Wise see our blight, and so they shine the Light of Wisdom to remove our ignorance. But if we run and hide behind our images, or we put up a screen of resistance (in the form of ego and self-will), the light will not reach us.

Life teaches us lessons, but we are the ones who must do the learning. If we don’t learn from life, we will never become learned (Wise). The ‘learned ones’ are those who have learned their lessons and passed the test of Life. They see beyond the superficial and experience what is Real. Our small self (ego) is not real, and everything associated with it is unreal.

Our ego is the thought that we are something or somebody. When we think we are something or somebody we get caught up in the ego-conflict, the ego-struggle, and the ego-emotional-pain. This is the ego-game, and we don’t have to play the ego-game so long as we stay away from our ego. That’s why we say. . . “I was nothing, I am nothing, and I will be nothing.”

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