We Are the Energy of Consciousness!

Om Yah Pranato Nimishato . . . . .

We are the energy of Consciousness, and that energy is indestructible. Since the beginning of Time, and before Time, and for all Time we have been manifesting in innumerable forms. Our bodies are formed from the elementary particles by the power of Consciousness.

The energy that emanates from Consciousness is our Life Force. It is called PRANA. That living energy has created everything that lives and breathes. That same energy brings into manifestation the material substances of this Creation. That same energy enables our mind to think and understand, our eyes to see, our ears to hear, and our other senses to experience this vast Universe.

When we fine tune our mind, we can perceive that this Universe is our body (our greater ‘body’ is the Universe), and that our small self is only a single particle of our Being. This is not an intellectual experience. It is something we can experience directly in deep meditation.

All living creatures are the manifestation of that Supreme Power which is our Essence, but only we human beings on this planet Earth can experience that Essence. It is for this purpose that we have been born, it is for this purpose that we live, and only by fulfilling this purpose will we be able to conquer Death. OM

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