Make Peace With Yourself

“Make peace with yourself, then you can make peace with others.”

Our problem is NOT with others; our problem is with ourselves. We are in conflict with others only because we are conflict with ourselves.

Of course, we are talking about interpersonal relationships and not international relationships. However, even the relationship of one nation with another nation can only be peaceful if both countries respect their borders. Now, this means everyone must respect their own borders as well as the borders of others.

Where do we draw the boundaries? Our boundaries are established in antiquity, and they only become antiquated due to neglect. In other words, we are personally bound by the law of our own being: when we break that law we violate our own being. For example, since we are human beings, being humane is a law of our being. If we behave inhumanely, we violate our own being. When we betray ourselves, we will not hesitate to betray others too. When we violate our own boundaries, we will surely violate the boundaries of others.

It is inhumane to be cruel or hurtful. We hurt ourselves with our bad habits. We hurt ourselves when we cheapen ourselves. We hurt ourselves when we ignore our conscience and listen instead to our selfish ego.

Some people become so inhumane that they cease to be human beings. According to the Law of Karma and Reincarnation, those who behave inhumanely are not born again as human beings, but instead they are born as animals (including fish, insects, etc.). Regardless whether or not you believe in reincarnation, it is enough to know that those who are inhumane suffer in many different ways in this life.

Human beings CANNOT be happy with themselves so long as they are lying to themselves. We are lying to ourselves when we think we can stay in our ego and be happy. Sure, we might be temporarily happy or excited, but that happiness or excitement will always fade away, and we will never really find fulfillment or inner peace.

Inner peace can only come to us when we make peace with ourselves. What does this mean? It means we have to be honest with ourselves, recognize our own weaknesses and limitations, and do something about removing them. Our “doing” must be deliberate and focused; otherwise it will be a “shot in the dark’.

We can only recognize our pitfalls when we shine the light of wisdom on our mind. This wisdom will expose our own ego and we will clearly see how we limit ourselves with our personality, our preferences, our false expectations, and our images.

As long as we remain in the darkness of Ignorance, we will remain bound by our ego-aspirations and hallucinations. Only the wisdom of Consciousness can give us the insight to see inside ourselves and stop looking outside for meaning and fulfillment.

We are full with the Light of Consciousness! Fullness is our nature. When our mind is filled with the “fullness” of Consciousness, our mind is peaceful, and that peacefulness leads us to experience the Greatest Love, the Highest Bliss, and the Perfect Peace. OM

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