Nearly everyone in this world is suffering from self-delusion, including this one. If we were not suffering from self-delusion we would not have come here, nor would we stay around. We would be long gone. [We we not get into ego or stay in ego; we would rise beyond it.]

Our ego leaves us when we stop supporting it in our mind. The problem is, everyone is validating their ego. In other words, everyone is feeding their ego to keep it alive; we keep it alive because we think it is real; we think it is real because “we are thinking about it.’

Swamis, gurus, acharyas, sanyasis, preachers, mullahs, rabbis, priests and pundits; one and all are living in self-delusion. We say one thing, but do another. We preach one thing, but practice another. At least everyone should admit to themselves that they do not know. If we know that we do not know, then we at least know something; otherwise, we know nothing.

We are imperfect human beings. It doesn’t matter how many college degrees we have; it doesn’t matter how many books we have read or written; it doesn’t matter how many important people we know, or how many people think we are important; it doesn’t matter how many spiritual experiences we have had or how long we can meditate or how often we pray or how many prayers or mantras we have memorized. We are still imperfect human beings; we are still fallible; we are still going to die, forget, and be forgotten.

We keep on thinking about ourselves, because we are suffering from self-delusion. Beyond self-delusion is the State of Being. The State of Being is not known by the want-a-be’s, the wish-I-were’s, and the wish-I-were-not’s. The State of Being is our Essence, and the state of ego-knowing, ego-relating, and ego-expecting is the state of self-delusion.

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